MATI Becomes the World’s First Energy Drink Certified bythe Clean Label Project

The organic, craft-brewed energy drink sets new industry standard, winning the Purity Awardfor its transparently labelled, pure ingredients

DURHAM, N.C. (September 4, 2019)MATI Healthy Energy, the organic energy drink with the cleanestlabel and simplest ingredients, is now the first energy drink in the world to earn “Clean Label”certification and a Purity Award from the Clean Label Project™, the leading non-profit organization thatuses data and science to bring transparency to consumer product labelling.

MATI put its organic, craft-brewed energy drinks through state-of-the-art testing for more than 130harmful environmental and industrial contaminants and toxins, joining companies like Once Upon aFarm and WICKED Protein Bars to achieve the certification. 

“Consumers are increasingly aware of exactly what they are eating and drinking – and looking for brandsthat they can trust,” said Eric Masters, CEO, MATI Healthy Energy. “MATI launched our organic certifiedproducts earlier this year, and the Clean Label Project certification was a natural next step in trust andtransparency with our consumers. As the first energy drink in the world to earn the certification, wehope it will bring more attention to the simple choices that consumers can make every day to support ahealthy and active lifestyle.” 

The Clean Label Project uses its accredited analytical laboratory to test products for more than 130harmful environmental and industrial contaminants and toxins like arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury,antibiotics, BPA/BPS and pesticides. 

“The food and beverage industry is on the verge of a fundamental paradigm shift when it comes tosafety,” said Jackie Bowen, executive director, Clean Label Project. “The new arbiters of safety andquality are consumers, and a growing segment of these consumers care deeply about the long-termhealth effects of chemicals – both on and off the label. MATI is the first energy drink company torecognize the value of the clean products movement, and set a new definition of safety across theirsupply chain.” 

MATI is made with just a few simple, clean ingredients; including an organic blend of fruit juices, naturalflavors and craft-brewed guayusa – a naturally caffeinated leaf known as the “tea of the amazon.” 

MATI continues to show momentum at retail, experiencing triple digit growth and launching in morethan 730 natural and specialty stores in 2019. The brand is currently the second largest healthy energydrink in the Whole Foods Southeast region and recently launched in 45 Whole Foods locations acrossthe Southwest

Since the creation of its first batch in a Duke student’s dorm room in 2012, MATI Healthy Energy quicklyexpanded to retail stores throughout the Southeast, including Whole Foods, Fresh Market, Earth Fare,Harris Teeter and via online retail on Amazon and its website.

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About MATI Healthy Energy 

MATI Energy is the cleanest label, simplest ingredient energy drink on the market. As the first energy drink in the world certified by the Clean Label Project, MATI is made with just three basic ingredients: organic brewed guayusa, organic fruit juice and carbonated water. Our unique craft-brewing process means we can deliver a great tasting, no-spike, no-crash energy drink. 

MATI is becoming a leader in the clean products movement. We are part of new generation of consumers and brands that demands transparency and is unwilling to compromise our health for short term gains. This hustle is in our DNA – founded in 2012, MATI started in a college dorm room, quickly gaining national attention and hitting retail stores across the country. MATI is currently available in stores such as Whole Foods, Fresh Market, Earth Fare and Harris Teeter and available for purchase on Amazon. For more information, visit and follow our hustle at @drinkmati and #HealthyHustle on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn



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