Frequently Asked Questions


Is Guayusa a tea?

Guayusa is actually a type of holly that has caffeine naturally present. 

Where do you get your Guayusa?


Natural Energy

Where does the energy come from?

From the caffeine and Theobromine, both components of the Guayusa.

What is Theobromine?

Theobromine is a “cousin” of caffeine, but does not affect your nervous system like caffeine does. It’s a mild, natural stimulant and the most concentrated amounts are found in cocoa beans. It can make you feel alert, strong and awake. 

What is the caffeine content in MATI?

The caffeine in a MATI can is comes from brewed guayusa, so although there are small variations, there is approximately 115 mg per can.

What is the difference between synthetic and natural caffeine?

Synthetic caffeine is produced in a lab using various chemicals and solvents to create the final product. Natural caffeine is present in coffee beans, tea and some herb leaves; it can be extracted simply with water (brewing or steeping). 

 The only caffeine in MATI comes from brewed Guayusa, with no other synthetic caffeine added.

Will MATI make me jittery/make my heart race/keep me up all night?

Individuals respond to caffeine differently, but generally this product will not make you jittery or shaky. The caffeine content is equivalent to roughly one large cup of coffee.  


How much sugar is in MATI? What about added sugar?

All of the sugars come from the fruit juices that are listed in the ingredient deck; we do not add any sugars to our products. 

Our sugar content is between 0g and 18g, depending on the flavor. 

Sugar content by flavor: Blueberry Pomegranate (17g), Cherry (18g), Citrus (7g), Passionfruit (8g), Peach Mango (7g), Tropical Pineapple (17g), Lemon Ginger (0g), Grapefruit (0g), Raspberry Mint (0g) 

Where do you get your juices from?

Our juices are sourced from around the world; all of our suppliers must meet our requirements for food safety and quality.

What are the natural flavors? What does “natural flavors” really mean?

The flavors used in MATI products are compliant with the FDA’s definition of natural flavors, so they are made from the essential oils, extractives, and other flavoring components that are derived from fruits, spices, herbs, etc.   

Certifications & Dietary Restrictions

Do you use GMOs? Does MATI contain GMOs?

No. Our products are Non-GMO Project certified. 

Is MATI organic? 

The guayusa used on our beverages is certified organic.

Is MATI Whole30 compliant?

MATI is not certified compliant by Whole30, although we do meet the guidelines as specifically outlined. MATI does not contain any added sugar. It is brewed guayusa and is sweetened with fruit juice.

Is MATI Kosher / Halal?


Is MATI Paleo?

MATI is just carbonated water, brewed guayusa and juices.

Is MATI gluten free?

Yes, MATI is gluten free.

Why do each of your beverages have a Proposition 65 warning for CA residents?

While there are no ingredients in our drink that are on the Prop 65 list, the cans we use are similar to many food and beverage cans and lids and do contain linings with a minimal amount of bisphenol A (BPA).You can view all major products that contain this here

Do your products contain any allergens?

Our products do not contain any of the major 8 allergens. All of the ingredients are listed on the label, however, our natural flavors are declared together as "natural flavors" - please contact us if you have any food sensitivities.

Storage & Consumption

What is the shelf life of MATI?

Mati products have a 1-year shelf life from production. Best by date can be found on the bottom of the can.

Does MATI need to be refrigerated? 

MATI does not need to be refrigerated. It is a shelf stable product that is safe to store at ambient temperatures, though the quality may begin to degrade faster at higher temperatures. For an optimal taste experience, we recommend drinking the product cold.

I found a can in my fridge from forever ago and it’s past the date on the bottom. Is it still safe to drink?

The best by date indicates one year of shelf life. Anything beyond that date we cannot guarantee that it will meet our quality standards, however, the product should still be safe to drink.

Can I mix MATI with alcohol? 

Be aware that the caffeine may mask the effects of the alcohol, so please drink responsibly.

Is it safe to drink MATI while pregnant or nursing?

Since we are not doctors and do not know the specifics of your medical history, we cannot fully answer your question. If you or your loved one has any questions regarding caffeine intake while pregnant or nursing, we recommend consulting with your doctor.