MATI Healthy Energy Launches Three New, Zero-Calorie Flavors as the First   Craft-Brewed Organic Energy Drink

The new flavors add to a roster of gluten-free offerings and comply with Whole30 and keto diet

DURHAM, N.C. (Jan. 30, 2019) – MATI Healthy Energy, the first craft-brewed organic energydrink, today introduced three new, zero-calorie flavors: raspberry mint, lemon ginger andgrapefruit. Recently achieving organic certification, these refreshing flavor additions are the firstzero-calorie options to join MATI’s line of sparking energy drinks. Crafted to provide sustainedenergy, MATI is made with just a few simple, clean ingredients, including an organic blend offruit juices, natural flavors and craft-brewed guayusa, a naturally-caffeinated leaf with moreantioxidants than green tea. 

MATI’s new, zero-calorie flavors are available online now via Amazon and on MATI’s website,, and will appear on store shelves in February. MATI’s current line of six 40-and 90-calorie organic flavors are currently available at retailers throughout the Southeast,including Whole Foods, Fresh Market, Earth Fare, Harris Teeter and H-E-B. 

Along with the launch, MATI is unveiling a colorful and energetic new look for its packaging andbranded materials to showcase its organic certification while carrying forward the brand’sheritage as an innovative leader in delivering healthy, focused energy in the beverage space. 

“Our goal at MATI is to provide the healthy energy that consumers want and need to fuel theirlife and to achieve their daily goals,” said Eric Masters, CEO, MATI. “With our organiccertification and the addition of the new zero-calorie flavors, we now have a variety of offeringsto satisfy their needs – including meeting low carb and keto diet standards, and various otherdietary guidelines.” 

In December 2018, MATI received full organic certification by the California Certified OrganicFarmers organization (CCOF), a nonprofit organization that advances organic agriculture for ahealthy world through organic certification, education, advocacy and promotion. This furthersMATI in its mission to be a healthy, sustainable and transparent source of energy forconsumers. To achieve certification, MATI worked to vet all ingredients back to source fororganic processing and completed an audit of the entire supply chain —from source toconsumer. The thorough certification process culminated in a 10-hour long inspection of theMATI Microbrewery, located in Clayton, North Carolina, by CCOF. 

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About MATI Healthy Energy 

What if energy drinks were good for you? Artificial ingredients, synthetic caffeine and tons ofsugar or high fructose corn syrup are typical ingredients in energy drinks, but you’ll never findthem in MATI. MATI is the first craft, small batch healthy energy drink. It starts by using the bestingredients and a mission to provide high-functioning, no crash energy drinks. The secret is inour proprietary brewing technology. MATI created a brewing process which extracts the optimalamount of energy, nutrients, and flavor from guayusa, an Amazonian super leaf packed withnaturally occurring caffeine and more antioxidants than green tea.


Founded in 2012, MATI’s “college dorm to national retail” story has captivated the beverageindustry and has led to national recognition and numerous awards as a disruptive player in theenergy category. At retail, MATI can be found throughout the Southeast including partners suchas Whole Foods, Fresh Market, Earth Fare, Harris Teeter and H-E-B. MATI can also bepurchased nationally via Amazon and its website, Follow @drinkmati and#HealthyHustle moments on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter


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