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awesome ans refreshing

i really enjoy the beverage it was energizing and thirst quenching

Refreshing Flavor

Citrus is one of my favorites! It is really refreshing and I highly recommend it. MATI is a perfect source of healthy energy.

Great flavor, no crash!

I love the taste of the Tropical Pineapple MATI, especially when it's super cold. It makes the pineapple pop and is so refreshing. The best part about it is that there is no crash later on. I love this stuff!

Best flavor!

Amazing product. The R&D, production department is phenomenal ;)


Great burst of energy! Great flavor!

Perfect blend of energy and sweetness!

MATI has been a great source for ready energy! It's natural flavors are a perfect blend of sweetness and taste. Since there's no crash, you're always ready to keep going. Drinking a MATI is like getting high-fives from your teammates!

Flavor of the world!

Passion Fruit flavor is the only thing I live for today. Without it, I would be nothing but a soulless white man. Thank you Passion Fruit for jump starting my life again. Much appreciated.

Mmmm mmm cherry!

I love all of the Mati flavors, but the cherry is by far my favorite because it is not too sweet, a little tart, and you really fast the REAL cherries. Plus, it's a great afternoon pick me up when I'm at work-much better than my old cup of coffee!


You can't go wrong with Citrus. I started drinking MATI when they first came out a few years ago with this flavor and I've been drinking it ever since. Go MATI!

Kickstart your day

This energized version of orange juice is perfect to kickstart your morning. Whether your getting up for work or curing a hangover, this drink never lets you down.


The citrus is my absolute favorite flavor of mati!

Refreshing without the guilt

This was an excellent beverage nd a great solution for someone who wants the energy without the crash or the medicinal taste. Highly recommended.

Citrus is the beat & low sugar!

Citrus is easily my favorite flavor of all the Mati drinks! I love that it only has 9grams of sugar and taste amazing. I tend to like drinks that are not very sweet and this Mati has a nice crisp flavor that’s refreshing.


I really enjoy these healthy energy drinks. You don't usually associate those two words together but these drinks are. I really like enjoy their refreshing taste. Thank you guys and please keep up the good work.

I'm very happy I found this energy drink

Good ingredients. No jitters. No come down. Really happy to have found this product.

Very great

Cherry is my favorite flavor and it tastes amazing

Cherry review

Tastes great. I really enjoyed this.

Good drink

MATI is refreshing, tasty and helps me stay awake!

Mom's word

I am not a cherry person, but my 16 year old son is. I let him try MATI because it is made with just tea and juice, and now, he has one every day. Cherry is his favorite. with Tropical a close second. I love that he says it helps him focus and get stuff done, yet I don't feel like I am compromising health in the process. What an awesome natural boost for a tired teenager!

Great product

Enjoyed both the naturally sweet and unsweet flavors, wish I could buy another variety six pack!


i like 2 of the 3 ive tryed so far of the mix kinds. the only i don't like so far is the Passion Fruit. i would still recommend someone to try


I LOVED these! Perfect source of healthy energy. I usually feel bad about drinking energy drinks, but I have no guilt with these. Simple ingredients, not too sweet! I highly recommend!

Definitely my favorite flavor!

I'm not the biggest energy drinker, but after working with you guys on a few occasions and finding a quick fix to being tired, I've tried each of the drinks. My favorite thus far has been Passion Fruit. Tastes natural and smooth. All my friends seem to agree and it's definitely my first choice. But don't let that fool you, the other flavors are a close tie for second.

Refreshing Flavor

Citrus is one of my favorites! It is really refreshing and I highly recommend it. MATI is a perfect source of healthy energy.

Peach Mango

Excellent,I’ve been drinking Mati for years and I’m very satisfied with the taste and quality of life his drank.