HUSTLE AND HARVEST w/ Mama Springs Farm

Season 1 - Episode IIII

Coding To Farming 

Carolyn Rose-Seed was content with her career at UNC working as a programmer, but when the recession hit and her job was obsolete within a short year, she knew she had to figure out a way to keep food on the table for her growing family. Carolyn never anticipated her job would evolve from programming to producing. Married and pregnant with her third child, Carolyn invested her time and energy into increasing the production of her backyard garden. She grew everything, tested what worked, and kept hustling. Potatoes, melons, corn — trial, and error became her daily routine and a full-time job. Her backyard farm has gone through several phases of development to arrive at the efficient and profitable operation that Mama Springs Farm is today. From a USCA grant for the massive greenhouse behind her house to long-run contracts to grow her farm, Carolyn is completely dedicated to harvesting year-round for her family and the local community. 

Produce To Profit 

Word of Carolyn’s prosperous production spread, leading friends to ask if they can purchase produce from her farm. In high demand, Carolyn established Mama Springs Farm as an official CSA (Community Supported Agriculture Program). Eventually, Carolyn was harvesting produce for about 6 families on a weekly basis. This mutually beneficial agreement between her and her community of supporters has forwarded her unimaginable opportunity. Two years into her CSA program, Carolyn noticed an advertisement for a soft vendor spot in the South Durham Farmer’s Market. She jumped at the opportunity and applied, was accepted, and began to serve her community in an even greater capacity. Now selling cut flowers, several kinds of lettuce, and various vegetables, she is a valued and dedicated farmer’s market vendor. 

Market To Missions 

Carolyn’s hustle eventually attracted new business partners, local restaurant owners, who were anxious to purchase her produce on a weekly basis. Now a large area of her production and the main element of her operation, one can find pea shoots, sunflower shoots, and microgreens from Mama Springs Farm at a few different popular restaurants, including Zenfish Poké Bar in Durham. Rain or shine, Carolyn will be at the market with her warm smile, serving happy customers and offering her farming expertise to anyone who happens upon her tent. When at home, Carolyn is working — light or dark, headlamp or baseball cap. From her family to others, to markets, to new missions, Carolyn embodies The Healthy Hustle.   

Weekly Routine at Mama Springs 

Monday: She plants, she weeds, she preps the beds, then she goes to bed. #hustle 

Tuesday: CSA harvest and restaurant delivery. 

Wednesday: Production: seeds, shoots, and more. 

Thursday: She scrubs and cleans buckets and bins, then starts the process again. 

Friday: Crack of dawn - the harvest is on. 

Saturday: Farmer’s Market 7-noon, beer thirty, cat nap, production until dark. 

Sunday: Family fun unless peak season has begun.


SHOW UP. - Stop making excuses! Letting doubt and insecurity get in the way of opportunity and passion is a sure way to lose out on your dreams. 

READ, A LOT.  - Her skills are self-taught, via books, Internet, podcasts, and YouTube videos. If you want to exceed in your craft, always aim to fulfill your highest potential. 

PLAN IT OUT. - Carolyn has books upon books of scheduling for production and harvests, for grounds planning, and seasonal planning. Look ahead, set goals, and strive to reach them. 

LOVE WHAT YOU DO! - Carolyn appreciates the physical challenge of farming as well as being her own boss. This is a reminder to find greater purpose in your hustle. 

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