A Little more about us...The idea for MATI came about the same way as many ideas before it: in a college dorm room, running on empty. The mission was to find a healthy means of energy, without resorting to unknown and artificial ingredients. Our search ultimately led us to a powerful blend of fruit juice and craft-brewed guayusa (gwahy-yoo- suh), the revered Amazonian leaf nicknamed the Night Watchman for its sustainable energy benefits.MATI now fuels the dreamers, the doers, and the fervent to-do list checkers with a no-jitters, no-crash, and no-sugar-added performance solution packed with caffeine, vitamins, and antioxidants. We’re proud to offer an alternative that’s just as effective as the leading energy drinks, but made with ingredients you don’t have to question.We’ll continue to raise our glasses and standards to doing more and being better.We dare you to do the same.INGREDIENTS YOU CAN TRUST• SWEETENED BY FRUIT JUICE• NATURAL CAFFEINE FROM GUAYUSA• NO ADDED SUGAR• NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS