The Healthy Hustle - Episode 9


LAUNCH w/ Sanyin Siang

Season 1 - Episode VIIII 

Sanyin Siang entered her freshman year at Duke University with fear and uncertainty about the path ahead. Dealing with the unknowns of what her future held, she settled on the field at the natural intersection of all her interests—medical.  Intuitively, Sanyin pursued medical school with the intention of someday being a doctor. When her grades took her out of the running for medical school, the setback made her take a step back and delve into developing a greater sense of self.


Interactions and experiences led Sanyin toward a degree in biomedical engineering. Shortly after graduation, Sanyin went on a medical missions trip to Honduras. Interested in the physician-patient power dynamic, Sanyin focused on the level of good accomplished in terms of biomedical ethics. Enamored by intrigue, Sanyin returned from Honduras. She relocated to Washington D.C. and served as an intern for the father of biomedical ethics—Tom Beauchamp. While working, a natural progression toward law school accepted Sanyin into the prestigious Georgetown Law School. But a chance bus conversation again pulled Sanyin in, piquing her attention toward the idea of business school.


Sanyin enrolled in the MBA program at her alma mater, Duke University. Reunited with her long-distance boyfriend, now husband, and now honing her sense of self, Sanyin began to thrive. A few short years after graduating with her MBA, Sanyin raised her hand for the executive director role at the Coach K Center on Leadership and Ethics within Duke’s Fuqua business school. It was then that Sanyin found her sense of self. As a highly regarded thought-leader, Sanyin was invited to become a LinkedIn Influencer, to be a leadership coach for top industry leaders, and to be an assistant professor at her beloved Duke University.


In her latest venture, Sanyin authored The Launch Book, a compilation of over 13 years of top leaders’ insights across many sectors and industries. Whether people are launching into a new phase of life, a career, a new project, or a brand new business—launch is momentum and moving forward. From failures to successful launches, Sanyin has a wealth of knowledge to share from her experiences. And now, Sanyin is on a mission to not chase greatness but to enable greatness in others.





BE COACHABLE. — Be receptive to feedback, both positive and constructive.


EXPLORE YOUR LEARNING GROUND. — Sanyin shared her journey to demonstrate its instrumental value. Your experiences may lead you toward your destination.


ALWAYS LEARN FROM OTHERS. — Influences can help people become better versions of themselves. Be open to learning and accepting to new perspectives.


TAKE TIME TO REFLECT. — We can overestimate the role of reflection. Take the time to energize. Be aware of how you’re reacting to situations. Build a sense of self.


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Produced by: Jacob Burt - Digital Marketing Manager

Written and Edited by: Sammi Meksvanh - Digital Content Specialist


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