The Healthy Hustle - Episode 8



Season 1 - Episode VIII


Alyssa Cherry is a visionary and idealist intentionally pursuing her goal of making the world a better place. “If anyone was going to do this, it was going to be me!” This thought motivated Alyssa to create Fillaree, a business that empowers consumers to reduce their waste through a commitment to refill their products. Starting by cutting out the middleman, Alyssa invested in a few recipe books, taught herself how to make soap, and joined a local farmer’s market. When her first customer returned with a 32-ounce jar to refill their soap, Alyssa officially began the refill revolution.


Alyssa earned her degree in Women’s Studies from Arizona State University. A career as a social worker and several years spent abroad followed that period of her life until she returned to the U.S. and settled down in North Carolina. The fundamental aspects of Alyssa’s previous working experience, from helping others to fighting for equality to spending time appreciating the world, set the tone for the next chapter. Although Alyssa spent her childhood surrounded by hardworking entrepreneurs, her parents, and grandparents, she never envisioned that would be her path. After taking a few steps towards building out the business plan for Fillaree, Alyssa hit the jump-off point and never glanced back.

Ready to launch her business, Alyssa found a supportive community in the South Durham Farmer’s Market. Surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs and customers, she took the refill mission to new heights. At the South Durham Farmer’s Market, Alyssa networked with local makers of all things and eventually met her mentor who was actively investing in green manufacturing businesses. Finding a community, like a local farmer’s market, connects you to people who are excited about what you are doing and want to support you and your mission.

Eager to take the next step, Alyssa started to network with businesses. She connected with a local small business and convinced them to display a Fillaree refill station in their store. To their amazement, customer after customer started to bring in dispensers from home and refilled them at their Fillaree station. The business quickly found themselves requesting more and more refills. Building on that success, Alyssa introduced Fillaree to more local businesses. If you have spent time in Durham, you may have noticed the tall, shiny soap dispensers located in some of the most popular restaurants around town. Alyssa has left her mark on the Durham community. Follow Alyssa's hustle as she continues to spread the refill mission and make the world a better place.





DO WHAT YOU CAN, NOW. - You should take simple steps in the direction of your goals.  For Alyssa, this meant waste reduction. She invested in a reusable water bottle. She brought her bags to the grocery store. She did her research on crafting cleaning products.


FIND A MENTOR - Alyssa met her mentor through a community of like-minded people. That relationship has led her to unlock new potential with her business. Find your mentor and unravel tremendous opportunities.


LEARN AS YOU GO. - You may not have all the answers at the start, but you will learn. Use your resources and accept any failure as a building block to your success.


CHARGE INTO NEW TERRITORY. - “You’re crazy,” they may say. A new vision can intimidate others. Set your mind to it and charge forward.


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Produced by: Jacob Burt - Digital Marketing Manager

Written and Edited by: Sammi Meksvanh - Digital Content Specialist

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