The Healthy Hustle - Episode 6


FIND YOUR WHY w/ Claire and Stephen Guentz  

Season 1 - Episode VI


Claire entered young adulthood with many goals and aspirations that could take her down various career paths: communication, marketing, fashion, and nursing. After earning a degree in Communication and a minor in Spanish from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Claire’s first big leap relocated her from North Carolina to New York City. She quickly landed an internship working for a fashion merchandising company. The opportunity to gain experience and network narrowed her path and led her to pursue a new direction — nursing school. Upon proving her prestige through acceptance into the nursing programs at NYU and Duke, Claire decided to return to North Carolina and pursue nursing school back home. It was her hustle through nursing school that inspired Claire to prioritize her health more than she ever had. 


Searching for a source of accountability for her health journey, Claire created her Instagram account to find more inspiration and motivation. Entering the BBG community (Bikini Body Guide started by fitness influencer Kayla Itsines) inspired Claire to start posting about her health journey consistently. Her Instagram evolved from quick mirror selfies to very focused content accompanied by a wide array of opportunities, followers, and a new responsibility for her ever-growing social media platform. Starting with the goal of finding inspiration and a community for support led new followers to flock to Claire, who has always stayed true to her goal of sharing her journey, encouraging others, and uplifting her followers. Claire is open and honest about her ups and downs, responds to as many personal messages and comments as possible, and does not take her responsibility to her followers for granted. When managers began to scout Claire, she had her “AHA Moment”. Her ongoing hustle and genuine passion for health and fitness had forged a new career path. 


With about a semester left of nursing school, Claire started her self-named blog to expand her reach and offer more to her audience. Her 7,000th Instagram follower happened to be her future husband, Stephen Guentz. Claire and Stephen tied the knot in June of 2017 and his role as a self-professed “Instagram Husband” was made official. Claire’s internship throughout nursing school forwarded her a placement as a nurse in Duke’s medical ICU while Stephen’s online studies in Finance allowed him the time to help support Claire’s business goals. Having Stephen’s support and facing this business venture with their new team dynamic elevated Claire’s content and opportunities. Claire went from scouting a location and using a wireless clicker to capture her photos to gaining a partner who could help her tag team the creative process from beginning to end. Although they bring forth two different creative mindsets, Claire drives the ideas and Stephen performs his instrumental role in the creative process. 


Claire and Stephen share three overarching goals — to stay true to who they are, to provide value, and to uphold the things that they believe in. That’s why they created “The Husband and Wife Podcast,” an unscripted podcast filled with episodes that offer fun conversations and their honest advice. Claire and Stephen are intent on providing value to their audience in any way they can. This means they curate and create their original content, turn down unfitting brand deals, and constantly grow their knowledge to better serve Claire’s growing audience. In recent, Team Guentz is growing as they have recruited subcontractors to support the array of platforms they own. Up until now, it has been just Claire and Stephen, two hustlers who aim to inspire and bring value to others. Stay tuned as they plan to grow their team, offer new, exciting content, and build on the foundation that they created through staying true to their mission.






FIND YOUR WHY - The hustle is not always a smooth ride. Remembering why you started and knowing your mission will help you work through challenges and setbacks. When the going gets tough, keep on going! 


UNDERSTAND YOUR INFLUENCE - When you have an audience, you have a responsibility. Aim to add value to their day, bring positivity, and show them authenticity in who you are. 


EMOTIONAL FORTITUDE - It’s hard to choose to do what’s best for you, your audience, and your business. Whether it’s dealing with negative responses to your content or letting go of the reigns to allow others to come in and help, developing this mentality will promote resilience. 


STAY TRUE TO YOU - It’s easy to fall under the influence of trends and what is “working” for others. Remember to trust what you know and share what you love. 



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Produced by: Jacob Burt- Digital Marketing Manager 

Written and Edited by: Sammi Meksvanh - Digital Content Specialist

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