MATI exists to help you achieve your (natural) potential


The idea for MATI came about the same way as many ideas before it: in a college dorm room, running on empty. The mission was to find a healthy means of energy, without resorting to unknown and artificial ingredients. Our search ultimately led us to a powerful blend of fruit juice and craft-brewed guayusa (gwahy-yoo- suh), the revered Amazonian leaf nicknamed the Night Watchman for its sustainable energy benefits. 

MATI now fuels the dreamers, the doers, and the fervent to-do list checkers with a no-jitters, no-crash, and no-sugar-added performance solution packed with caffeine, vitamins, and antioxidants. We’re proud to offer an alternative that’s just as effective as the leading energy drinks, but made with ingredients you don’t have to question.

Simple Ingredients

Just guayusa and fruit juice. That's it.

Sustained Energy

No spike, no crash energy from guayusa

Great Taste

Flavored by fruit juice for a familiar flavor your taste buds will love

What is Guayusa?

Guayusa (gwahy•yoo•suh) is an Amazonian herb traditionally brewed for its effective health benefits and functional caffeine content. Guayusa provides a smooth arc of sustainable energy to promote a naturally alert mind and mental focus. It's also the second most caffeinated plant next to coffee. 

 Just like our heritage, guayusa comes from a long line of people challenging themselves to push their limits and focus on their goals. Original guayusa drinkers walked the shores of the Amazon using this brew to keep them focused and motivated for the path ahead. Today, this same drive powers the drinkers of MATI who rely on the focused boost guayusa supplies to chase their goals and dreams.

Simply the best.

The title says it all. Healthy energy. Best flavour. No crash or jitters, but a nice feel good energy. The citrus is my favorite.. I look forward to trying the other flavours this great company has to offer. I always start my day with one! Thanks for the great product!!

Thomas Clarkson

Perfect and Effective

Excellent Great drink, lo-cal and gives you real energy. Not overly sweet. For the person seeking a good solid drink without massive sugaring or artificial sweetening.

Randall Carlson

Love this stuff!

Ok, I'm officially addicted to Mati (in a good way). It's now a substitute for my afternoon coffee and gives me just as much energy, if not more. Really like all the flavors. The taste is so unique,...and delicious. Much, much healthier than a typical "energy drink." Other energy drinks are way too sweet and "fake" tasting to me, so Mati is the perfect alternative. Nice work guys!

W. Johnson

The MATI Microbrewery

Some would call it crazy, we call it committed. We built the MATI Microbrewery to deliver on our promise to brew the worlds best energy, batch after batch. The MATI Microbrewery is 30,000 sqft of craft brewed excellence and houses our own R&D lab where we test flavors and continually innovate our line of good-for-you energy drinks,

Located in Clayton, NC ~45 minutes from our hometown of Durham, NC.

Clean. Craft. Brewed.

Our original line of 6 Delicious flavors; Passion fruit, Citrus, Peach Mango, Tropical Pineapple, Cherry, and Blueberry Pomegranate.

MATI offers a no-jitters, no-crash, and no-sugar-added sparkling energy with naturally brewed caffeine, vitamins, and anti-oxidants. Spark your brilliance, dial up your focus, and fuel your day.

and we're just getting started...