CITRUS 12 Pack
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CITRUS 12 Pack

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A refreshing blend of citrus flavors with the right amount of zest to bring you a tangy kick to lift you through whatever life throws your way.

Each case comes with 12 cans.

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Sparkling Water

Fruit Juice

Brewed Guayusa

CITRUS 12 Pack

Guayusa (gwahy•yoo•suh) is an Amazonian herb traditionally brewed for its effective health benefits and functional caffeine content. Guayusa provides a smooth arc of sustainable energy to promote a naturally alert mind and mental focus. It's also the second most caffeinated plant next to coffee.

Just like our heritage, guayusa comes from a long line of people challenging themselves to push their limits and focus on their goals. Original guayusa drinkers walked the shores of the Amazon using this brew to keep them focused and motivated for the path ahead. Today, this same drive powers the drinkers of MATI who rely on the focused boost guayusa supplies to chase their goals and dreams.

Customer Reviews

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Refreshing Flavor

Citrus is one of my favorites! It is really refreshing and I highly recommend it. MATI is a perfect source of healthy energy.


Refreshing and rejuvenating. Perfect for when I get tired mid-afternoon

Keeps me going!

MATI is just what I need. I no longer drink diet cola and needed an alternative for an afternoon pick-me-up. MATI Citrus does the trick, it’s delicious AND healthy. It was my “go to” beverage on several overnight passages in the ocean on our boat. I stay alert at the helm with MATI.