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Two powerful flavors coexist to bring you a naturally sweet flavoring that will make your tongue smile and your body radiate energy to knock out that to-do list.

Each case comes with 12 cans.

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Sparkling Water

Fruit Juice

Brewed Guayusa


Guayusa (gwahy•yoo•suh) is an Amazonian herb traditionally brewed for its effective health benefits and functional caffeine content. Guayusa provides a smooth arc of sustainable energy to promote a naturally alert mind and mental focus. It's also the second most caffeinated plant next to coffee.

Just like our heritage, guayusa comes from a long line of people challenging themselves to push their limits and focus on their goals. Original guayusa drinkers walked the shores of the Amazon using this brew to keep them focused and motivated for the path ahead. Today, this same drive powers the drinkers of MATI who rely on the focused boost guayusa supplies to chase their goals and dreams.

Customer Reviews

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Amazing Flavor, Energy, and Ingredients

I love LOVE how MATI has no added sugars and none of the chemicals that other energy drinks have. The artificial flavors added to mask those chemicals just make most overly sweet and unbearable. As someone who's also conscious of their sugar, carb, and calorie intake, it's so reassuring to know that there's something I can drink and not feel guilty about. There's no added sugars, no added flavors or textures, it's a guilt-free energy that doesn't leave you crashing hours later. I work a desk job and it's nice to be able to drink one in that afternoon 'slump' and not have the side effects be a wired, frenzied worker. It gives you that extra boost without you even noticing it. MATI is the only energy drink I trust and the only one I drink-if it went away I'd have to go back to coffee and stomach aches for my energy-ugh.


Normally, I hate the taste of energy drinks. However, this does not taste like an energy drink. It's refreshing, and doesn't give me jitters. It tastes like a fruity tea, and is delicious.

BluePom is my SoulMATI

This is the flavor of MATI that got me hooked! I'm not typically an energy drink or caffeine person in general...I never drink coffee and I'll occasionally drink a Monster or a Red Bull, but only out of pure necessity, since it's too sugary to enjoy drinking on the regular. But when I had a Blueberry Pomegranate MATI, I actually ENJOYED drinking it. It wasn't that I needed to drink it...I actually wanted to! It was delicious, and I felt so good after, it's like the cleanest form of liquid energy I've ever tasted :) If I could have an endless supply of this for those late nights or workouts after a long day, I would be set for life.