Welcome to The Healthy Hustle

A MATI Media original series featuring entrepreneurs and their businesses.


Hear how they hustle and what's helped them get to where they are today.

Episode 1

Justin Laidlaw, the Communications and Media Director for Runaway, highlights the brand's heritage and how Durham's collaborative spirit has helped them get to where they are today. He delves into how they funded their first retail space and shares a little-known fact about Runaway's operations in its early stage.

Episode 2

As the founder of two companies and a successful social media influencer, Robert Liberatore is busy hustling. We caught up with Robert at Happy and Hale in downtown Durham to learn about the founding of Volunteer Aid, how he started his freelance career, and what it takes to get to 10k followers on Instagram.

Episode 3

Founders Janet and Bryan sat down with us at Zenfish's first home location in Durham to talk about why they started Zenfish, Durham's local community, and what they've done to build a business that's as sustainable as it is impactful.

Episode 4

Carolyn Rose-Seed, owner of Mama Springs Farm, is a dedicated mother who grew a farm in her backyard to feed her family during a recession. Now successful and prosperous, her farm services families outside of her own, the farmer's market, and local restaurants.

Episode 5

Founders Tom and Jenny share the background story of their side hustle. From Manhattan kitchen concoctions to successfully selling all candy inventory at their first market. A dentist and business consultant by day to indulging in sweet, delicious guilt-free candy by night. We couldn't think of a healthier hustle.

Episode 6

Claire and Stephen Guentz are not your average couple. As a couple, they tag team the creative process for Claire’s Instagram that boasts 142k followers. Claire is also a medical ICU nurse, an aspiring health coach, a fashion and lifestyle blogger, and runs a joint venture with Stephen — THE HUSBAND AND WIFE PODCAST. 

Episode 7

Billy Cotter, Chef, and entrepreneur, dreamt of introducing authentic Japanese cuisine to Durham’s blossoming food scene. Check out this behind-the-scenes look inside one of the most sought-after and unique dining experiences in the Triangle — Dashi!