MATIrita Mocktail

It's Cinco de MATI! 

We believe you should be able to energize without compromise, no matter the occasion. That’s why we’ve crafted a bubbly, refreshing option that will keep your energy thriving throughout the entire celebration.

A MATIrita Mocktail is a simple creation that uses our low 40 calorie Citrus as the main ingredient, combined with other healthy additions such as agave and fresh garnishes. We are excited to share this tasty, invigorating mocktail for you and your guests to enjoy as a revitalizing alternative!

6 oz. Citrus MATI 
1 tbsp. fresh lime juice 
1 tsp. Agave (or other sweetener option) 
1 muddled citrus fruit option (blood orange, lemon) 


Muddle a citrus fruit of your choice at the bottom of a cocktail glass. Pour 6 oz. of Citrus MATI into the glass. Add agave, fresh lime juice, and choice garnishes. For on the rocks, use a canvas bag to crush ice or blend ice at a low speed, then add to glass. Simple, refreshing, and healthy — enjoy!